Technology focused on colors and materials

for happier lives in a brighter world

PresidentYasunobu Kato

In our pursuit of outstanding environmental performance, color, and functionality,
we are motivated by the desire to benefit society by enriching our customers’ products
with the ultimate goal of happier lives in a brighter world.

As the ink manufacturer with the longest history in Japan,
we continue to evolve as a source of new value.

Ever since our founding in 1895, we have advanced hand in hand with the printing industry in Japan as a leading supplier of inks for offset, gravure, and flexographic printing, the principal types of printing.
Deploying new technologies in addition to those we have cultivated over the past 125 years and with a view to expansion into promising fields beyond our core business of printing inks, we relish the opportunity to develop products that will ultimately lead to happier lives in a brighter world.

We all aspire to happier lives in a brighter world
where the environment and technology are in harmony.
As a printing ink manufacturer,
we are helping to fulfill that aspiration by applying our environmentally conscious technology focused on colors and materials in the service of society.

In a world where sustainability has risen to the top of the global agenda, printing ink manufacturers have a responsibility to help protect the global environment.
Purchasing decisions are no longer determined solely by functionality and other traditional criteria.
Environmental friendliness has emerged as a key consideration.
In response to this ongoing transformation of social attitudes and values, we are pursuing R&D of products with outstanding environmental credentials that are gentle on people and the environment.
Adding a splash of color to a plain box helps change a black-and-white world into a vivid experience with all the colors of the rainbow.
Adding functionality enriches product value.
We are adding value to our customers’ products for happier lives in a brighter world.
As a printing ink manufacturer, we relish the opportunity to bring splashes of vivid color to the world by applying our technology focused on colors and materials in the service of society.

Salespeople with technical perspectives. Engineers with sales & marketing perspectives.
Aim for a new round of growth by fostering people with problem-solving capabilities.

To change the world for the better by applying our technology focused on colors and materials,
strengths in R&D must be fused with a willingness to grapple with customers’ issues and the ability to provide solutions.
Since this requires salespeople with technical perspectives and engineers with sales & marketing perspectives,
we are stepping up education and training, including job rotation.
In every phase from the search for materials to technical consultation,
expertise is key to cultivating customer relationships rooted in trust.
Moreover, willingness to adopt new illuminating perspectives leads to new business opportunities.
By developing people who are problem-solvers equally at home in the worlds of technology and sales & marketing,
we intend to apply our printing ink manufacturing technology and expertise to other fields in pursuit of further corporate growth.



Happier lives in a brighter world by emphasizing harmony with the environment and harnessing the power of chemistry


Add value by applying technology focused on colors and materials


  • Expertise in chemistry cultivated through ink manufacturing
  • Sales & marketing and engineering solutions geared to customers’ issues


  • Work sincerely and embrace challenges to achieve personal growth and corporate growth.
  • Use your intelligence, speak up, act positively and proactively.
  • Respect customers, suppliers and co-workers.
  • Promote interdepartmental collaboration, looking beyond the preoccupations of your own organization to the interests of the company.
  • Maximize the benefit to customers, secure reasonable profits, and adapt to the changing business environment to ensure sustainability of the company.


  • Add value to materials
  • Technology for people and the environment
  • Cherish planet Earth and be environmentally conscious
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